I grew up in a village called Notre-Dame des Laurentides in the mountains a few kilometers north of Quebec City. I've always been interested in computers and my first job was as a computer technician in the parish. At the age of 13 I discovered community engagement through Royal Air Cadets and since that time I have been offering my time as a volunteer.

I studied computer science at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy which culminated in the publication of a book on computer security written with three college friends that awardee us a scholarship from the Quebec City Regional Association for Computer Security. During my college technical training, I did an internship in a stainless steel factory and while I was offered a job at the factory, I decided to pack up and accept a position as a French monitor in a small town 2 000 km north of Vancouver in order to immerse myself in the Anglo-Canadian culture and improve my knowledge of English. This incredible year in the forest town of Terrace, British Columbia has been a wonderful experience and I came out of it bilingual.

Upon my return to Quebec City, while my friends from computer science had jobs in the area, I remained on unemployment insurance for several months, trying unsuccessfully to get a job during the economic crisis. That's when I got the idea to try my luck in the Toronto area where, in the space of a week, I got a job at Microsoft Canada as a technical support technician for Visual Basic and Microsoft Access.

I then had the chance to work several positions at Microsoft, from production lead at Microsoft Network to program manager. I am particularly proud of my contribution to launch the first localized version of Hotmail in French Canada. During this successful 12-year career at Microsoft, I had the pleasure of working with fantastic colleagues, making numerous trips abroad and to test several new products for the Canadian market.

But in my spare time, I continued to get involved at the community level, becoming French-English interpreter for the Toronto International Film Festival and getting involved with my local city councillor in the fight to preserve and improve my neighbourhood. That is how I discovered politics and through electoral victories for my candidates I developed a taste for it.

In 2008, I decided to quit my job and return to school to undertake university studies. I completed a Joint Honours Baccalaureate in Social Science - Public Administration and Political Science from 2008 to 2011 and since then, I began a Master of Arts in Public Administration at the University of Ottawa which I completed by defending my thesis on August 26 2013.

Although the full-time studies require a lot of time and energy, I continue my community involvement. The winter of 2012, I became a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol and I offered my services as a volunteer patroller, providing first aid to injured skiers and snowboarders on the hill. I even had the honour of being awarded the male recruit of the year award by the Edelweiss Ski Patrol.


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