Prospective Students

Interested in doing your PhD in Spatial planning and regional development focussed on mobility or transport at Université Laval?

If you have reached this page, chances are you are a graduate student with a master’s degree in Urban Studies or related disciplines and are interested in doing doctoral research on transport and mobility. Or you are interested in doing a research Master degree in regional planning relating to mobility or transport.

I am interested in working with highly motivated students with a passion for the mobility of people in our cities as it related to car dependence and finding ways to enhance the sustainability of our mobility.  I believe that interdisciplinary research can help us unfold the many aspects of urban mobility and as such, a diverse disciplinary background (political science, sociology, urban studies, transport engineering, regional planning, architecture) can only make our research better.

I am looking for students interested in undertaking such research as part of a doctoral dissertation. But before applying, you must be aware of the specifics of doing at PhD in Aménagement du territoire et développement régional (ATDR) at the Graduate School of Planning and Regional Development (ÉSAD) of Université Laval. Our school is located in a French-speaking city. Knowledge of English is a requirement for native French speakers but all the classes in our PhD program are taught in French and our university campus operates in French which is the local official language in our part of Canada.

As such, even though your documentation can be in English (CV, research project), I expect you to be able to communicate in French as this is a requirement of our PhD program. I invite you to write me an e-mail in French describing your motivations and research interest before discussing the possibility of supervising your PhD research.

You may find out more about our program on the official page of the school. Please note that I currently do not have any funded positions available. This means that I can offer supervision, but I cannot fund your studies and PhD candidate do have to pay tuition fees. As a PhD candidate in our program, you might be eligible for external scholarships, but these are generally reserved for Canadian citizens. If/when a funded PhD positions becomes available, it will be posted here.